Measuring Concentrations of CO and CO2 in a Metal Wire Heat Treatment Furnace


User Benefits

- It creates highly reliable data using the same measuring principles as stationary gas analyzers. - The all-in-one gas analyzer is transportable and simple to operate with an onboard sample pretreatment unit that includes a built-in sample pump, filter, and dehumidifier. - Save recorded data on a USB flash drive for easy editing on a computer or sharing with other departments.


Some common metalworking processes are mechanical machining to bend, stretch, and cut metal materials and heat treatment and surface finishing, which alter the properties and improve the performance of metal materials (Fig. 1). These processes transform metal materials into products with a range of desirable properties, including hardness, ductility, and corrosion resistance, according to the application or end use. Of the above metalworking processes, heat treatment requires careful control over CO and CO2 concentrations. This article describes using Shimadzu’s CGT-7100 transportable gas analyzer to manage CO and CO2 levels in a metal heat treatment process.

April 11, 2024 GMT