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Sembcorp Industries Ltd.

Mr. Liew Meow Wong,
Chief Chemist, TIC-Laboratory

*Affiliates and titles of the interviewee are current as of the time of reporting.

Sembcorp Industries Ltd.

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Good morning, Mr. Liew. It has been two years since we met last. I am glad to see you again.
Now you have a new laboratory, don't you?

I am glad to see you again, too. We opened this laboratory about two months ago, and some arrangements are still in process.

Now, Mr. Liew, please tell me about what you are doing in this laboratory.

Well, Sembcorp is a utility company that provides the industries around Jurong island with a variety of services, such as the supply of power, water, natural gases, steam, and treatment of the wastes. I work in the water laboratory, and I am supervising its operation as a chief chemist.

I heard that Sembcorp has a contract with most of the industries on this island. Indeed, I saw your facilities a lot on the way here. Now, what kind of analyses are you doing with your TOC analyzer?

We analyze a lot of wastewater, but it is not all that we do. We analyze many samples whose TOC is less than 1 mg/L, such as pure water. As you know, a trace amount of organics remaining in pure water generates acids when exposed to high temperature in the heat-exchanger, resulting in the corrosion of the system. So we are very concerned about the trace TOC in pure water. The wet-chemical type TOC-V that you see over there is used for this purpose. TOC in NEWater* is also an important parameter to be controlled here in Singapore.
That is why we have been using more than 20 SHIMADZU TOC analyzers, both laboratory type and online type.

* NEWater is the brand name of highly-purified recycled water produced by Singapore's Public Utilities Board using advanced treatment technology. It is mainly used by the industries that require purewater, although it is clean enough to drink.


It is interesting to hear, Mr. Liew. I do thank you very much for having used that many SHIMADZU TOC analyzers. Could you please tell me the reason why you chose our TOC analyzer?

There are basically two major reasons.
The first one is the robustness of the SHIMADZU TOC analyzer, and the second is a good organization of after service. Due to these two strong reasons, we came to trust your TOC analyzer.

I see. Thank you for your compliments. In fact, SHIMADZU Singapore has been making a lot of effort to improve its customer support. We have a warehouse, where we always keep consumables and spare parts on stock to minimize the time for delivery.

That is the point!

By the way, do you have any requests to SHIMADZU in general or about the SHIMADZU TOC analyzer?

Regarding the TOC analyzer, we have some requests.
Let's say we want the re-calculation function of peak signal, for example. We sometimes want to modify peak detection parameters in very low TOC measurements. Other than that, heavy-duty combustion tube and high-TN measurement capability would also be helpful to us.

Thank you for these informative comments, Mr. Liew. In fact, we now have a solution for combustion tube. Let me give you the information in detail later.

By the way, we have an old SHIMADZU TOC-5000A in our lab. I will show it to you later. It is covered by a plastic bag right now, but we have a plan to use it.

Thank you so much. It was nice to talk to you, Mr. Liew. I hope to come to Singapore and see you again.


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