Detector Splitting System

Analysis of Grape Fruit Oil by Mulitiple Detectors - FID, FTD, and FPD

By using multiple selective GC detectors simultaneously, the detector splitting system improves identification accuracy and enables simultaneous quantitative analysis. The following example is the simultaneous analysis of grapefruit oil (split analysis) using FID (Flame Ionization Detector), FTD (Flame Thermionic Detector), and FPD (Flame Photometric Detector) at the same time.

Grape Fruit Oil Analysis Simultaneously with FID FTD FPD

FTD selectively detects nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, and FPD detects sulfur and phosphorus compounds. The ingredient of peak B appears to be a phosphorus compound, since both FTD and FPD detect it. Peaks A and C are detected by FPD only; therefore, these appear to be sulfur compounds. As this example shows, this detector splitting system allows simultaneous quantitative trace amount analysis by combining multiple GC selective detectors.

Analysis of Fragrances by Multiple Detectors - FID and MS-TIC

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