AGE-1000 Air Gas Purifier for Gas Chromatograph

Air Gas Purifier for Gas Chromatograph

Refining high-purity air lower than 50ppb hydrocarbon concentration

Taking Advantage of the World’s Highest Sensitivity FID


If compressed air from an inexpensive compressor is used as a supporting gas for flame ionization detectors (FID) used in gas chromatographs, it not only increases background levels, but also causes baseline fluctuations that are synchronous with the compressor switching ON or OFF. Even though Shimadzu GC detectors offer high sensitivity, using this type of compressed air makes it difficult to achieve high-sensitivity analysis using a capillary column. However, an AGE-1000 air gas purifier can be used to remove hydrocarbons from compressor air in order to generate compressed air with hydrocarbon levels lower than Grade 1 high-purity gas (hydrocarbon concentration of 100 ppb). By reducing the hydrocarbon levels in compressed air, the AGE-1000 enables high-sensitivity GC-FID analysis equivalent to using expensive compressed air cylinders.

Connection Conditions

Evaluation Conditions

  • Temperature: Oven 80 °C, FID 250 °C
  • Flow Control Mode: Pressure
  • FID Flow Rate: Air 400 mL/min, H2 40 mL/min, N2 30 mL/min
  • FID Range: ×1
  • Chromatogram Signal Output: Analog
  • Response Speed: 50 msec

Note: Install a sealing plug at the FID column connection.
Note: The compressor startup interval is shortened.

Optional Parts

Air Filter/Regulator Silica Gel Filter
Compressed air from a compressor contains large amounts of moisture and contaminant particles. If used directly in a gas chromatograph, it can affect analytical results.
An air filter/regulator can be used to remove such water and contaminant particles from compressed air.
If the compressed air supply contains high moisture levels, it can reduce the efficiency of the AGE-1000 hydrocarbon removal and lead to catalyst deterioration in the reactor. To ensure the AGE-1000 operates effectively, the compressed air must be dried using a silica gel filter.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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