Analysis of Inorganic Components


Atmospheric samples are usually collected by air samplers and then filtered through quartz filters or membrane filters. Atmospheric dust that is typically trapped at trace levels can be separated by such filters and then analyzed for inorganic components using ion chromatography (IC), and elemental analysis using Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).

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Measuring Hexavalent Chromium Compounds in Atmospheric Dust
- Ion Chromatography Post-Column Absorption Spectroscopy Method -



In March 2018, Japan's Ministry of the Environment issued the "Manual of measurement methods for hazardous air pollutants - Measurement method for hexavalent chromium compounds in atmospheric dust" (in Japanese). In this manual, hexavalent chromium compounds are measured using the alkaliimpregnated filter collection - ion chromatography post-column derivatization spectroscopic absorption method. Diphenyl carbonohydrazide, which specifically reacts with hexavalent chromium, is used as the post column derivatization reagent.
The concentration of hexavalent chromium that can be measured by this method is 0.069 to 3.47 ng/m3, in terms of concentrations in atmospheric dust. This article introduces an example measurement using the ProminenceTM HPLC.



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