Evaluation of Endurance Characteristics of Synthetic Thread (Micro-Servo)

Recent improvements in the performance of synthetic fibers have been remarkable, helping to produce new lightweight, tough, and high-strength synthetic fiber products. They are being applied in a wide range of fields, including new material development in aerospace fields and consumer products in the everyday household product fields. Tensile tests and cyclic loading tests of synthetic thread are essential for synthetic fiber (synthetic thread) development.

Endurance testing of synthetic thread is becoming increasingly important. This test involves measuring the rupture strength of the synthetic fiber to determine whether or not it meets the specified design value, applying a cyclic test force that spans the measured strength range and simulates the actual conditions of use, and then tensile testing the thread again to measure any changes in rupture strength.

In this example, we tested the tensile strength of polyester thread.
To measure the rupture strength of the sample, a 75 mm long sample was attached to grips and pulled to failure at a constant rate of 10 mm/min.

Tensile Test of Polyester Thread

Test Results Break Force: 10.7 N Break Elongation: 16.6 mm Break Elongation Rate: 22.1 %

Electromagnetic Force Micro Material Tester

Electromagnetic Force Micro Material Tester

Micro-Servo MMT Series Electromagnetic Force Micro Material Testers offer outstanding long-term stability that allows accurately applying test forces for static loads, on the order of 0.1 N, as well as for cyclic loading up to 100 Hz. Using a specialized testing jig that grips synthetic thread by winding the thread allows performing precision static testing and endurance testing of thread materials.