Evaluating Strength of Reinforced Plastics used for Bumpers

A variety of resin materials have been developed that, compared to conventional materials, are lightweight, strong, weatherproof, and increasingly in demand. One characteristic of these materials is the use of high-function fibers (light, strong, non-deforming, corrosion and heat resistant), including carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP). In the CFRP evaluation shown here, Poisson's ratio was obtained using a displacement measurement device to measure longitudinal strain, and a width sensor to measure transverse strain. Compared to soft iron and rubber, values from this type of material are one digit smaller, and the amount of distortion is very small.


  • AG-50 kNX
  • 50kN Non-shift wedge type grips (MWG)
  • SG-50-50 Extensometer
  • SGW-5 Width Meter