Microorganism and Virus Detection

Virus Detection in Blood Serum

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was performed to detect viruses in blood serum using Ampdirect® to neutralize PCR inhibitors. This allows highly sensitive detection of viruses (or microorganisms) in blood serum with only simple pretreatment.

Gene Amplification Reagent AmpdirectTM

  • DNA present in blood can be amplified directly.
  • No DNA extraction is required.
  • Thus, risk of cross contamination and/or procedural error is dramatically reduced.
  • Only small volumes of blood are necessary (0.5-1╬╝l ).
  • Various anticoagulants (including sodium citrate, dipotassium EDTA, and sodium heparinate) can be used.
  • Blood (citrated or EDTA-treated blood is recommended) stored frozen for long periods can be analyzed.
  • Simplifies PCR methods resulting in its use in a broad range of routine applications including mass screening.