iMScope TRIO

As quantitative metabolomics involves the extraction of metabolites from a sample and homogenization of the sample prior to measurement, all metabolite spatial distribution information is lost. In metabolomic imaging, on the other hand, a thin section of sample is measured as is using a mass spectrometer while leaving location information intact on the sample, thereby permitting measurement of metabolite distribution information.

Imaging of Chlorpromazine-Administered Liver Section

As the peak intensity associated with the measurement point is converted into an image, it is possible to directly visualize the distribution of unchanged drugs and metabolites. (Fluorescence or other labeling is unnecessary.)

For Efficient Statistical Analysis

Imaging MS Solution is a new software program designed specifically for the iMScope TRIO, which integrates optical and mass image acquisition. All imaging mass spectrometry parameters can be set on the optical images. Visualization processing is added to mass spectrum acquisition, and high-speed imaging processing up to 6 pixels per second is available. Furthermore, this analysis and display software incorporates statistical tools to analyze the huge amounts of MS-imaging data combined with detailed optical microscope images.

HCA (Hierarchical Cluster Analysis)

Grouping by similarity of distribution images

ROI(Region of Interest)

Examining significant differences between regions of interest