Metabolomics refers to an array of techniques used to comprehensively detect and analyze various metabolites formed in vivo during biological activity. Metabolites represent the most downstream result of the gene expression information process, and compared to genes and proteins, they directly reflect the constantly changing phenomena of life due to their proximity to the biological phenotype. Therefore, metabolomics applications have spread throughout a wide range of fields.

Clinical Research

  • Elucidation of physiological and pathological mechanisms
  • Disease biomarker discovery
  • Drug discovery support and toxicity evaluation

Plant and Food Fields

  • Elucidation of stress response
  • Genetically modified
  • Food function analysis

Industrial Fields

  • Improvement and optimization of fermentation process
  • Biofuel productivity improvement


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Industrial Fields

Metabolite Measurement and the Mass Spectrometer

Plant and Food Fields

Clinical research



Metabolite Measurement and the Mass Spectrometer

In metabolomics, analytical techniques and instruments are selected according to the measurement objective. The mass spectrometer used for measurement will be selected depending on whether the analysis is directed towards determining the total amount of metabolites contained in a sample, whether the sample is in a state of fluctuation or transition, or if measuring a metabolite distribution in a sample.

What is the measurement objective?

Total amount of metabolites

Metabolite distribution

 Quantitative metabolomics

Quantitative determination of the metabolites in a sample can be conducted by chromatographically separating the respective sample components, and then measuring those separated components using a mass spectrometer.


Gas Chromatograph
Mass Spectrometry

Liquid Chromatograph
Mass Spectrometry

Quadrupole Time-of-Flight
Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

 Imaging metabolomics

By measuring and superimposing an optical / fluorescence microscope image on an MS (MS/MS) imaging screen, it is possible to obtain both form and metabolite localization information.

Imaging Mass Microscope

Pretreatment Procedure for metabolomics (Biological sample)

Pretreatment Procedure Handbook for Metabolites Analysis

In the fields of metabolomics, which analyzes metabolic fluctuations in biological samples, various metabolites are measured using a mass spectrometer. The sample must be properly prepared before measurement.


"Pretreatment Procedure Handbook for Metabolites Analysis" describes the pretreatment procedure for GC-MS and LC-MS for details with pictures.