The separators keep the positive and negative electrodes separated. They consist of a porous material that provides a path (pores) for ions and the electrolyte. Images of three kinds of separators taken by a scanning probe microscope (SPM) permit visual evaluation of the sample surface irregularities.

Observations of Separator Pores

The fibrous structure can be observed in the film’s longitudinal direction. Sample 1 exhibits relatively large pores. Click here for SPM images.

Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)

Scanning Probe Microscope

The SPM easily takes high-magnification 3D images in air or liquid for surface observations of samples from electrodes and semiconductors to separators and electrolyte membranes. Non-conductive objects require no coating or other pretreatment. The instrument can measure the electrical characteristics of the sample at the probe tip. It can be upgraded to an environment-controlled version.