Physical Properties and Observations

Strength Testing of Pill Score Marks

Many adult-dose pills can be broken in half to create a child's dose.
Three-point bending or cantilever bending tests of pills using an Autograph AG-X Series universal testing machine can be performed to optimize the depth of the score mark to ensure the pills are accurately broken in half.

Strength testing was performed on pills using an Autograph AG-X Series universal testing machine. A pill with a coating film several microns (┬Ám) thick is seen to break in two stages.

3-Point Bending Test Rig and 3-Point Bending Test Results

Test Conditions
8 mm distance between lower supports
2 mm/minute test rate

Autograph AG-X Series Universal Testing Machine

This machine measures pill formation by applying compression and bending strength to the pill. A motor drive applies loads between 0.02 to 10000 N. A single testing machine can handle a variety of tests by changing the test force to suit the test and replacing the jig that contacts the sample. TRAPEZIUM X software handles numerous processes, including setting the test conditions, displaying graphs and results, and generating reports.