Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer


High Sensitivity for Trace Quantitative Analysis

Heated ESI Probe

In order to improve desolvation efficiency, the newly developed heated ESI probe combines a high-temperature gas with the nebulizer spray, assisting in the desolvation of large droplets and facilitating ionization. This development allows for high-sensitivity analysis of a wide range of target compounds.

Excellent Reproducibility Even at Attogram (ag) Levels

Both sensitivity and reproducibility are essential when establishing low limits of quantitation. High-precision quantitative results obtained with the LCMS-8050 in the analysis of Verapamil in blood plasma at levels between 500 ag and 50 pg are shown below. Excellent reproducibility with a % RSD of 2.77 % was obtained when analyzing just 500 ag of Verapamil. The LCMS-8050 demonstrates optimal performance for quantitative analysis of even trace components of a complex matrix.

(n = 6)
(n = 6)
0.000500 0.000501 2.77 100.2
0.00500 0.00496 3.98 99.2
0.0500 0.0506 1.21 101.2
0.500 0.493 1.31 98.6
5.00 4.89 1.81 97.8
50.0 51.6 0.65 103.2

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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