Microchip Electrophoresis System for DNA/RNA Analysis MCE®-202 MultiNA

This next-generation microchip electrophoresis system - will bring about revolutionary changes in life science laboratories.

Frequently asked questions about the MCE®-202 MultiNA:

The following are answers to questions frequently asked by customers.

Is it possible to reuesable?
Yes, The use will vary depending on the state of your sample, and other factors.
Must all four microchips be purchased and used in analysis?
Analysis can be conducted by selecting one or more microchips. The customer may purchase and use as many microchips as required according to the analysis plan. As a point to be noted, the analysis processing speed depends on the number of microchips being used. The maximum analysis processing speed performance can be obtained when four microchips are loaded.
How is the gel loaded into the microchip flow channel?
The required volume of separation buffer included in the kit is deposited into a specified container. After setting this container in the instrument, the instrument automatically loads the flow channel with the buffer. Prior to analysis, there is no need to manually load anything into the microchip, nor is there any need for pretreatment equipment such as a priming station, etc.
Must the microchip be cleaned following analysis?
Before and after analysis, the microchip is washed automatically. There is no need to remove the microchip after each analysis to perform manual cleaning.
Can data be exported?
Electropherogram data can be exported in CSV format as well as size and quantitation results, and monitored values during migration.
Which fluorescent dyes are applicable?
SYBR Gold (DNA analysis) and SYBR Green II (RNA analysis) from Invitrogen Corporation are used. These are to be obtained by the customer. The preparation methods are described in the instruction manual.

This instrument is not available in the USA and may not be available in some other countries. Please contact your local Shimadzu representative for availability.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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