Simultaneous Analysis of Pesticides by GC-MS Using Hydrogen Carrier Gas

Helium gas is used as a carrier gas in GC/MS. However, in recent years, the use of hydrogen as an alternative gas has increased due to helium gas supply shortages and soaring prices. There are advantages when hydrogen is used as an alternative gas; for instance, sensitivity is similar to that with helium, and high-speed analysis can be performed. However, caution is necessary in handling hydrogen as it is flammable. Hydrogen is obtained from hydrogen gas generators through the electrolysis of water. As a result, smaller quantities of hydrogen need to be stored, which dramatically improves the degree of safety in comparison to when gas cylinders are used. In addition, there is no need to purchase gas cylinders consecutively, which reduces running costs.

This Data Sheet presents an evaluation of the usefulness of the combination of a hydrogen gas generator with the GCMS-QP2020 for the simultaneous analysis of pesticides. The GCMS-QP2020 is equipped with a new type of turbomolecular pump, and is more than capable of accommodating hydrogen as the carrier gas.

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Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry, Mass Spectrometry
Helium gas, Hydrogen Carrier Gas, Food and Beverages, Agriculture, GCMS-QP2020
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