New Technology Seminars

Exhibition Date September 5 (Wed.) to September 7 (Fri.) 2018
Time 10:00 - 17:00
New Technology Seminars and Presentations APA HOTEL & RESORT TOKYO BAY MAKUHARI
Hotel New Ohtani Makuhari
Admission Free
Date Time Room Title
Sep. 5 10:25-11:15 A-6 How to analyze and read IR spectrum
Sep. 5 11:30-12:20 A-1 State of the art XPS instruments from Shimadzu/Kratos -- basics and applications.
Sep. 5 12:35-13:25 A-4 Introduction of micro flow rate compatible LC realizing ultra-high sensitivity analysis
Sep. 5 11:10-12:00 N-3 Fundamentals of UV-Vis spectroscopy and know-how essential for measurement
Sep. 5 12:15-13:05 A-8 Tips for measurement by Ultraviolet-Visible spectrophotometer
Sep. 5 13:05-13:30 A-10 Automation function of Shimadzuʼs latest gas chromatograph boosts work efficiency
Sep. 5 13:40-14:30 A-1 First in Japan Q-TOF mass spectrometer from Shimadzu is finally unveiled.
Introduction of LCMS-9030
Sep. 5 13:40-14:30 N-3 Introduction to trace analysis techniques using Shimadzuʼs latest gas chromatograph
Sep. 5 14:25-14:50 A-9 Rapid and Easy analysis of fats and oils using direct ionization MS
Sep. 5 14:55-15:20 N-4 Introduction of next generation 3D scanner "Xdimensus 300" and comparison with the traditional 3D scanner
Sep. 5 16:05-16:30 A-3 Contaminant analysis by combination of EDX and FTIR - Various patterns
Date Time Room Title
Sep. 6 10:25-11:15  A-6 Provide know-how for better daily LC / MS analysis
Sep. 6 10:25-10:50  A-8 Novel Column Hardware for HPLC/UHPLC Protein Characterization Methods
Sep. 6 11:05-11:30 A-9 Development of the Fast Inert LC Column in Collaboration with TAKUMI
Sep. 6 11:30-12:20 A-6 How to analyze and read IR spectrum
Sep. 6 12:25-12:50 A-11 Analysis examples of polymer materials using thermal analysis with data such as FTIR.
Sep. 6 12:35-13:25 A-1 FAQs of ICP-AES and ICP-MS analyses
Sep. 6 13:40-14:30 A-2 Appropriate usage of various mass spectrometers
Sep. 6 14:25-14:50 A-10 Analysis of chemical products using a new bench-top MALDI-MS
Sep. 6 14:55-15:45 A-4 Fundamental Methods of Physical Properties and Latest Technology of Solid-Liquid Interface with SPM
Sep. 6 15:00-15:50 N-3 Introduction of new Shimadzu GC/MS useful function for all GCMS user
Sep. 6 16:05-16:30 A-2 Case study of dynamic imaging tests of CFRP and LiB adopted for weight reduction and low carbonization of aircraft and vehicles
Date Time Room Title
Sep. 7 10:25-11:15 A-6 Provide know-how for better daily LC / MS analysis
Sep. 7 12:25-12:50 N-1 Development of Low Adsorption Products for the LC, LC/MS Analysis
Sep. 7 12:35-13:25 A-4 Introduction of new TD-GC/MS which analyzes wide boiling point compounds with high sensitivity and high recovery.
Sep. 7 12:50-13:40 N-6 Compliance for Data Integrity regulation of laboratory instruments with LabSolutions.
Sep. 7 13:05-13:30 A-11 A variety of application utilized in process & quality control by TOC analyzer realizing high performance analysis of organic substances
Sep. 7 13:40-14:30 A-6 Evaluation of new materials including biomimetic materials
Sep. 7 15:00-15:50 N-3 How to choose the testing system for phthalate esters properly 〜System with easy operation and reliability〜
Sep. 7 15:00-15:50 N-6 New approach to characterization of fine particles -Evaluation of aggregation and dispersion-
Sep. 7 15:25-15:50 A-3 Introduce utilization of latest FE-EPMA and new EPMA.
Sep. 7 15:45-16:10 N-2 Introduction of improving the efficiency of weighing operation and static electricity removal in analytical balances
Sep. 7 16:05-16:30 A-2 Elemental impurity analysis of drug product by EDX - Know-how of sample preparation

Open Solution Forum

Exhibition Date September 5 (Wed.)  6 (THU.) 
Place Exhibition Hall 4
Admission Free
Pre-registration Required
Date Time Title
Sep. 5 12:15 - 12:40 Practical method of precise analysis for revised RoHS direction.
Sep. 5 14:25 - 14:50 Effective approaches for odor analysis using GCMS database and library
Sep. 6 14:25 - 14:50 Effective Food Metabolomics Approach for Investigation of Flavor Components, Improvement of Quality, and Visualization of Additional Values

Life Science Inovation Zone

Exhibition Date September 5 (Wed.)  
Place Exhibition Hall 8  International Exhibition Hall
Admission Free
Date Time Title
Sep. 5 13:55-14:20 Contract analysis of bioanalysis