New Technology Seminars

Exhibition Date September 4 (Wed.) to September 6 (Fri.) 2019
Time 10:00 - 17:00
New Technology Seminars and Presentations APA HOTEL & RESORT TOKYO BAY MAKUHARI
Hotel New Ohtani Makuhari
Admission Free
Date Time Room Title
Sep. 4 10:25-10:50 A-8 High Resolution! Latest X-ray CT technologies - principles and applications
Sep. 4 11:05-11:30 N-6 Introduction of Analysis Trend and Latest Analysis Examples of Microplastics
Sep. 4 11:30-12:20 A-6 Introduction to trace analysis and time saving techniques using Shimadzu`s latest gas chromatograph
Sep. 4 11:45-12:10 N-4 Features and applications of EPMA that SEM-EDS users should know
Sep. 4 12:25-13:15 N-5 Pharmaceutical Elemental Impurities Analysis by EDX
Sep. 4 13:05-13:30 A-9 Automation function of Shimadzuʼs latest gas chromatograph boosts work efficiency
Sep. 4 13:40-14:30 A-5 Introduction to trace analysis techniques using Shimadzuʼs latest gas chromatograph
Sep. 4 13:05-13:30 A-9 Development of New LC Columns for Separations of Basic Compounds or Structural Isomers
Sep. 4 13:40-14:30 A-5 Solve all problem of outgas analysis!SHIMADZU GC-MS provides the best solution for outgas analysis.
Sep. 4 14:35-15:25 N-4 FAQs of ICP-AES and ICP-MS analyses.
Sep. 4 14:45-15:10 A-3 Analysis examples of various materials using thermal analysis
Sep. 4 15:25-15:50 A-5 How to Select the Vial for LC, LC/MS
Sep. 4 16:05-16:30 A-6 Introduction of waveform processing technology using AI in LCMS
Date Time Room Title
Sep. 5 11:30-12:20  A-5 Cutting Edge Technology of Physical Property Evaluation of Materials by Scanning Probe Microscope
Sep. 5 11:45-12:10 N-6 An Innovation of the Analytical Workflow: Do you really need to stay at the lab?
Sep. 5 11:45-12:10  A-9 Introduction of new device management method using IoT on analysis instrument
Sep. 5 12:25-12:50 A-10 New Core-Shell Column with Mixed-Mode Selectivity for Enhanced Polar and Non-Polar Separation
Sep. 5 12:25-13:15 N-5 State of the art XPS instruments from Shimadzu/Kratos -- basics and applications.
Sep. 5 13:05-13:30 A-9 Contaminant analysis by combination of EDX and FTIR
Sep. 5 13:40-14:30 A-6 FTIR know-how for pretreatments and analytical methods
Sep. 5 13:40-14:30 A-3 Appropriate usage of various mass spectrometers
Sep. 5 14:45-15:10 A-4 Ready for brine sample! The new Nitrogen/Phosphorus analyzer optimizes your wastewater management.
Sep. 5 15:25-15:50 A-3
TOC analyzer offers best cleaning validation for pharma, then for medical devices or electric parts.
Sep. 5 15:40-16:30 N-3 Introduction of the solution to He supply shortage by Shimadzu GC and GCMS
Date Time Room Title
Sep. 6 10:25-11:15 N-3 Points to remember of method transition from HPLC to UHPLC and HPLC analysis in UHPLC systems
Sep. 6 11:05-11:30 A-9 Total support to fulfill the latest DI requirement for TOC analyzer and its software.
Sep. 6 11:30-12:20 A-5 Know-how of scent analysis and recent technologies to detect trace compounds.
Sep. 6 12:25-12:50 N-4 Introducing how LabSolutions meet data integrity regulations
Sep. 6 12:35-13:25 A-4 New approach to characterization of fine particles -Evaluation of shape, aggregation and dispersion-
Sep. 6 13:05-13:30 A-9 Such small MALDI MSs can be analyzed for many types of materials.
Sep. 6 13:40-14:30 N-3 From Micro through Analysis to Prep: Entire portfolio of LC & SFC products in Shimadzu
Sep. 6 13:40-14:30 N-4 Techniques to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the spectrophotometer
Sep. 6 15:50-16:15 N-3 Productivity improvement of weighing operations by high-speed weighing and electrostatic solutions
Sep. 6 16:05-16:30 A-2 Only one technology! Introduction for prove electrospray ionization mass spectrometer.

Open Solution Forum

Exhibition Date September 4 (Wed.)  5 (THU.) 6(Fri.) 
Place Exhibition Hall 4
Admission Free
Required  (Refer to JASIS) 
Date Time Title
Sep. 4 12:15 - 12:40 Multifaceted analyzes in personal care products
Sep. 5 11:15-11:40 Analytical and testing methods for food development
Sep. 6 11:45-12:10 Mechanical evaluation for the high strength bonding

Life Science Inovation Zone

Exhibition Date September 6 (FRI.)  
Place Area #2, Life Science Innovation Zone
Admission Free
Date Time Title
Sep. 6 13:15-13:40 Blood biomarker for Alzheimer's disease