Celebrating 50 Years of MS Innovation - MS Quiz No.3

MS Quiz No.3 - Answer


Q: Which of the below Shimadzu technologies reduces the lower limit on the length of the collision cell while achieving high CID efficiency and ultra-fast ion transport speed?


The correct answer is "B. UFsweeper™". UFsweeper is a unique Shimadzu technology which reduces the lower limit on the collision cell length while ensuring high CID efficiency and ultra-fast ion transport speed. It accelerates ions entering the cell and carries out rapid sweeping to prevent cross talk and loss of signal strength.

This is a lens system that enables both high sensitivity and ease-of-maintenance.

High-sensitivity technology for micro-volume quantitation. Provides superior stability and precision over lengthy analyses.

High-speed scanning for quality mass spectra in quantitative or qualitative analysis.

UF-Qarray is an ion guide which uses a high-frequency quadrupole electromagnetic field to focus ions strongly on the center of electrodes. It also boasts a robust design which significantly reduces contamination. With these improvements in sensitivity and robustness, it provides reliability and precision even at extremely low concentrations.

In addition, there are more UF technologies such as “UFswitching” for high-speed polarity-switching and “UF-MRM” for ultra-fast MRM measurements.