Celebrating 50 Years of MS Innovation - MS Quiz No.4

MS Quiz No.4 - Answer


Q: The process of glycolysis is closely involved in diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Using a particular GC-MS technology, researchers at a collaborative laboratory of Shimadzu and Osaka University are able to completely separate different sugar phosphates and precisely measure the isotope labelling ratio.
Which GC-MS technology is this?


The correct answer is B: NCI mode. NCI (Negative Chemical Ionization) is an ionization method for the production of negative ions, mainly via electron capture with a base as the reactant. NCI enables high-sensitivity, high-selectivity analysis of molecules with high electron affinity.
Precision measurements of metabolites is a new technique in the treatment of metabolic disease, and is also hoped to contribute to the development of biofuel-producing microorganisms and cultivation of plants for biomass-based energy. This research from our collaborative lab is detailed in the 2018 Metabolic Engineering journal.

Collaborative research at the Osaka University Shimadzu Omics Innovation Research Laboratories