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Participants in "General Meeting and Symposium of SAKURA Science Plan" of JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) visited our laboratory on November 30 to December 1. We gave a lecture and a lab tour for them.
Researchers of Greifswald University, Germany visited our laboratory for taking lectures and discussion on December 4-8.
Shimadzu cooperated the 5th Experience Learning Technology “Industries on Campus” in Osaka University SEEDS (Sekai-tekijuku Enhanced Education for Distinguished Students) Program on November 25.
Osaka University SEEDS Program (Japanese)
24 titles were presented from academia and industrial researchers using Shimadzu instruments mainly GC-MS, LC-MS, Imaging-MS and Pesi-MS at the 11st Metabolome Symposium in Osaka, Japan on November 13-14.
The 11st Metabolome Symposium(Japanese)
Outputs of collaborative research with Fujitsu was introduced at the Nikkei Newspaper on November 11.
“Shimadzu has developed an automated MS peak-picking program using AI technology”.
We gave a lecture about metabolomics for intern students from Vietnam Japan University at our laboratory on November 9.
Shimadzu will hold a luncheon seminar titled “Introduction of the latest tools and applications supporting metabolome research” and demonstrate efficient multi-omics analysis using “Garuda Platform” in the exhibition booth at the 11th Metabolome Symposium in Osaka, Japan on November 13-14.

And Shimadzu will give 3 presentations regarding efficient data analysis at the Metabolome Symposium.
・Automated peak picking for massive chromatogram processing by “deep learning” part 1: Develop of algorithm
・Automated peak picking for massive chromatogram processing by “deep learning” part 2: Evaluation of performance
・Automated visualization of multi-omics data using Garuda Platform, applying to transcriptome data

=> 11th Metabolome Symposium (linked to Japanese Web)
We held a workshop for researchers from Tiratayasa University, Indonesia on October 2-3.
=> Photographs of the workshop
Shimadzu participated in the 15th anniversary event of cooperative research station in Thailand, Mahidol University and Osaka University, and introduced current activities in the collaborative research laboratory
=> Mahidol University-Osaka University Collaborative Research Center for Bioscience and Biotechnology
Shimadzu will give a poster presentation titled “Analysis of metabolites in mouse feces using LC-MS/MS - analytical examples in young and old mice” at 69th Annual Meeting of The Society for Biotechnology, Japan on September 12-14 in Tokyo, Japan. And will also hold a luncheon seminar titled “Sulfur Index; Evaluation of microbial activities and oxidation degree with sulfur compounds in food”.
=> 69th SBJ Annual meeting 2017 (linked to Japanese Web)
Shimadzu has provided Multi-omics Analysis Gadget Pack "Garuda" which is an open platform for analyzing multi-omics data cooperating with The System Biology Institute and Osaka University.

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