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Holding a luncheon seminar and exhibition at Japan-Indonesia International Scientific Conference (JIISC-2018).
Giving a poster presentation titled “Trial for Food Quality Evaluation with Machine Learning Schemes” and a luncheon seminar at 12th Metabolome Symposium on October 17-19.
Prof. Shimma’s research results using iMSCope TRIO are introduced on Osaka University website, titled “Seeing Pesticides Spread Through Insect Bodies”.
The publication list on omics has been updated.
Gave a keynote lecture titled “Development of multi-omics analysis system aiming at the world leader” and introduced the development project of GARUDA software at JASIS on September 7.
Our poster presentation titled “Simultaneous Analysis of 42 Chiral Amino Acids Produced by Intestinal Microbiota in Biological Samples by High-throughput LC-MS/MS” won the Best Poster Award at RSC (The Royal Society of Chemistry) Tokyo International Conference 2018 on September 6-7.
Our research paper has been published on Metabolic Engineering titled “Title: Sugar phosphate analysis with baseline separation and soft ionization by gas chromatography-negative chemical ionization-mass spectrometry improves flux estimation of bidirectional reactions in cancer cells”
Our research paper has been published on Trends in Research titled “FK960 binding proteins, quinone oxidoreductase2 and pyridoxal kinase were identified by LC-MS/MS for drug discovery of Alzheimer's treatment”
Gave a lecture titled “Contribution through Science and Technology -Collaboration between Osaka University and Shimadzu Corporation-“ and introduced our research activities at a seminar of National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US on August 3.
Our research paper has been published on Trends in Research title “Multi omics by LC-MS/MS to search small molecule ligands of nuclear receptors to control transcription of pharmaceutical active proteins for drug discovery”.
Our poster presentation regarding D/L amino acid analysis won the 2018 Metabolomics Society Early Career Travel Award at Metabolomics Conference 2018 on June 24-28.

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