Shimadzu Innovation Centers and Application Development Laboratories

Strengthening our ability to listen closely to customers - this is what Shimadzu is focusing on. The world is full of diversity and each customer has their own requirements. To address this, Shimadzu is expanding its innovation centers worldwide to strengthen our insight into customers' needs and provide solutions.

Shimadzu innovation Centers and Application Development Laboratories 

Asia Pacific Innovation Centre

Shimadzu has established the Innovation Centre in its oversea subsidiary Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd. (SAP) to manage most advanced joint research and development with local researchers, and started operations on November 17, 2017.
Shimadzu Innovation Centre in Singapore has 7 members of staff working to promote joint research and development and create products using promising research outcome and results collected from external organizations such as universities and research institutes in Asia and Oceania. 
Shimadzu is currently working with the National University of Singapore Environmental Research Institute in developing a high sensitivity environmental sensor to detect phosphorous and nitrogen contained in rivers and lakes, aiming to create a product by the end of 2020. We plan to increase the range of themes handled by the Innovation Centre in Singapore.


US Innovation Center

The US Innovation Center at Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. (SSI) in Columbia, Maryland, focuses on customization of both hardware and software to meet local demands and engage in application development in such areas as pharmaceuticals, food safety, clinical, chemical, and environmental. The goal of this innovation center is to develop innovative solution products through close collaborations with universities, government agencies and industry centers where the cutting-edge research being conducted in and around the United States.

SSI Innovation Center, USA


China MS Center

The China MS Center in Beijing at Shimadzu (China) Co., Ltd. is a center of excellence established for research and development with researchers in China who conduct advanced MS related research jointly with Shimadzu using our unique mass spectrometry technology. The center will participate in the formulation of approved analytical methods through new application development. We will also develop and improve high-end mass spectrometry systems in areas such as environmental, food, clinical, and pharmaceutical fields at the center.

Shimadzu China Mass Spectrometry Center


European Innovation Center

The European Innovation Center in Duisburg, Germany is an innovations-oriented think tank that combines academic and scientific expertise and technical knowhow in using Shimadzu technology to provide even better customer focused services. The center aims to merge Shimadzu cutting-edge analytical technologies with game changing concepts in markets and science identified by opinion leaders, strategic thinkers and scientific experts to create new solutions for tomorrow. With their advanced research expertise, highly regarded scientists from well-known European universities contribute to The European Innovation Center.

The headquarters of the European Innovation Center has been set up in Shimadzu Europa GmbH (SEG). The research and development for research themes will be conducted at KOL (Key Opinion Leader)'s laboratories, but during periods of joint research, the laboratory facilities at the European Innovation Center will be used.

For more details, visit Shimadzu Europa GmbH site at

European Innovation Center



Shimadzu Global Application Development Center, Japan

The Shimadzu Global Application Development Center at Shimadzu Head Office in Kyoto, Japan, provides comprehensive solutions for analytical and measuring instruments including application development, and analytical consultation such as sample analysis demonstrations, seminars and dedicated technical training.

Shimadzu Global Application Development Center, Japan

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