Static Electricity Remover

Ion Generation Method

AC corona discharge method

Ion Balance


Effective Static Removal Range

50 - 400 mm from the outlet

Static Elimination Time (approx.)

1 second (Typical value) (from ±1000 V to ±100 V)

Ozone Concentration

0.06 ppm

Electrode Probes

Tungsten (durability: 30,000 hours)


Approx. 710 g (Main unit: 395 g, Stand: 315 g)

Operating Temperature and Humidity

0 ºC to + 40 ºC, 25 % RH to 85 % RH (non-condensing)

Rated Electric Power Supply

DC 24 V, 1.0 A

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Static Electricity Remover

Static removal method

AC corona discharge

Static removal range

Approx. 50 to 400 mm from discharge electrode

Static removal time

1 second (without wind)

Ozone Concentration

0.06 ppm or less (at 150 mm from the outlet)

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