Balance Keys - Features

Balance Data Collection Software

Balance Keys, Balance Data Collection Software Features

  1. Data can be imported directly into applications (such as Excel) in Windows.
  2. Data can be imported from multiple balances (up to three balances).
    Note: This software can be used on computers without a serial port as long as there is a USB port. (A special optional kit is required.) 
  3. Operations such as configuring settings and running a communications test can be easily performed after searching for a serial port capable of communications.
  4. Data reliability is significantly improved since there are no transcription mistakes.

Usage Overview

  1. Set up the USB-serial converter, and create a new serial port.
  2. Connect the balance and the computer using an RS-232C cable.
  3. Check the serial port created using the Control Panel in Windows.
  4. Match the Balance Keys communications settings to the balance, and perform an operating test.
  5. After "Now you are ready!" is displayed, press the [PRINT] key on the balance. The data displayed on the balance can be imported to the computer.

If 123.45 g is displayed, it will have exactly the same effect as typing 123.45 on the computer keyboard and then pressing the Enter key. In Excel, for example, the data "123.45" will be entered into the cell at the cursor position, and the cursor will move to the next cell.
For continuous data import, the Auto Print function and Interval Timer function can be used, so there is no need to press the [PRINT] key each time.

For details, refer to the instruction manual provided with the download.


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For inquiries on how to operate Balance Keys, click here.

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