LabSolutions Balance - Features

Workstation Software

Improves Operational Efficiency and Data Reliability


  • Eliminate manual entry and all the weighing data are saved automatically in a safe database without transcription mistakes.
  • Reports appropriate for weighing methods, such as the mass variation test, drying weight loss test and particle size test, can be created automatically after the measurement. In addition, customized reports featuring such information as system conformance, content uniformity and elution tests together with the analysis results obtained by HPLC, etc. can be created.


Main Window of LabSolutions Balance

Integrated Management of Analytical Data on Network System Using LabSolutions

Compliant with the Latest Data Integrity Guidance and U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11


  • Weighing results can be automatically saved in the database together with other information, including sample ID, operator name, operation date and series number of instrument(except for AU series) used.
  • It allows setting up user authority to ensure only the authorized user can create a template for weighing.
  • It prevents improper manipulation, unintended overwriting and deletion of data. In addition, measurement results, the operation histories and reasons will be saved in the database as log files.


Integrated Report Creation Function Combines Analysis Results from HPLC and Weighing Results from Balance

Note: Multi-data report creation (optional) is necessary to use this function.

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