Multi-Balance Collect

Multi Balance Collect - Balance data collection Excel Add-on

With the remarkable advancement of office and factory automation, there has been a simultaneous increase in the demand to import balance data to computers, to save on labor and to avoid transcription mistakes.
Balance data can be imported directly to the user's applications with the intuitive feel of keyboard input. In addition, data from multiple balances (up to three balances) can be imported. The software also supports the Shimadzu MOC63u moisture analyzers and the AP series analytical balances.

What is Multi-Balance Software

  • Data can be imported directly into Microsoft® Excel® software.
  • Multi-Balance Collect can record weight changes over time.
  • Data can be imported from multiple balances (up to four balances). 
  • Data reliability is significantly improved since there are no transcription mistakes.


To download Multi-balance Collect software, click here.

To download PC connection simple manual, click here ( PDF 1.98 MB ).


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