Removes contaminants from the mobile phase

GLC Suction filter 2 is a unique LC and LC/MS suction filter that removes contaminants from the mobile phase . The filter is packed with high purity activated carbon which traps contaminants in the mobile phase and minimizes chromatographic interferences resulting from contaminant.

Removal of contaminants caused due to the storage of the mobile phase

Ghost peaks are contaminant peaks that appear even when no sample is injected. One of the causes for ghost peaks is contamination of mobile phase due to improper storage, or from external sources. We prepared contaminated ultrapure water that was stored in a plastic container (polyethylene) at room temperature for two weeks. Ghost peaks were observed when using the contaminated water as mobile phase. After installing the GLC Suction Filter 2, the previously observed ghost peaks were eliminated.

Removes contaminants from the mobile

No Affect on Gradient Delay

GLC Suction Filter 2 is installed in front of the pump. Therefore, it does not affect the gradient delay*.

* The delay from the time a gradient begins to be produced in the pump to when it reaches the column inlet.

No Affect on Gradient Delay

Suitable for LC/MS Applications

GLC Suction Filter 2 is available for LC/MS analysis due to its low bleed.

Contaminants removal from acetonitrile solution (LC/MS)


A simulated contaminated mobile phase was prepared by dissolving caffeine (1 ppm) in acetonitrile, and the effect of caffeine removal from acetonitrile was evaluated by LC/MS. The result using GLC Suction Filter 2 was compared with that using a conventional suction filter. GLC Suction Filter 2 removed the caffeine-derived MS spectrum found when a conventional suction filter was used.

Mobile phase: Ultrapure water/1 ppm caffeine-acetonitrile solution = 10: 90 (v/v)

MS Analysis Mode: Scan mode 100 to 2000 m/z

Suitable for LC/MS Applications
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