Flue Gas Multi-Component Gas Concentration Analyzer


Infrared Gas Analyzer for Monitoring Stationary Sources

The NSA-3080 is infrared gas analyzer for monitoring stationary sources The NSA-3080 can measure up to five components NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, and O2 with a high degree of accuracy. NSA-3080 uses the ratio infrared absorption method, and it ensures highly stable measurements. The slim cubicle structure used makes maintenance and daily inspections extremely easy to perform. Highly reliable sampling can also be performed with ease.

NSA-3080 is used for,

  • Measurement of gas emissions in cleaning plants
  • Measurement of gas emissions from boilers
  • Measurement of gas emissions from incinerators and heat treatment furnaces
  • Measurement of gas emissions in oil refineries, steelmaking, cement, and other plants


  • NSA-3080 Features

    • A single analyzer can measure five components NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, and O2 at high precision.
    • A front-door type small cubicle ensures a small footprint.
    • It incorporates a variety of functions including automatic calibration, remote calibration, logical calculation functions, and alarms.
    • A large LCD screen displays the concentrations of all measured components at the same time.
    • A dry calibration system is adopted so very little gas from gas cylinders is used, thus reducing running costs.
    • An integrated barometer enables air pressure correction. (option)
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