ICPMS-2040 Series / ICPMS-2050 Series - Options

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

LabSolutions™ ICPMS Ver. 2

The new version of LabSolutions ICPMS software displays all necessary information in a single window, simplifying operation for new users. Experienced users can utilize advanced configurable settings for challenging applications, in-depth research and all analyses in between.

Peripheral Equipment


AS-20 Autosampler

AS-20 Autosampler

The autosampler has 60 15-mL and 8 50-mL vial positions. The rotary design allows for shorter sample introduction times and can reduce memory effects.

  • Rotary Type Minimizes probe tube length

    Rotary Type
    (Minimizes probe tube length)

  • XY-Table Type

    XY-Table Type
    (A longer tube length is required to reach the furthest vial)


ASX-560 Autosampler

ASX-560 Autosampler

ASX-560 holds 240 14-mL vials and 10 50-mL vials for standards. By replacing the standard rack with a rack sold separately, 160 20-mL vials or 84 50-mL vials can be held. 
Note: Requires a separate ASX connection kit for ICPMS.

ASX-280 Autosampler

ASX-280 Autosampler

ASX-280 holds 120 14-mL vials and 10 50-mL vials for standards. By replacing the standard rack with a rack sold separately, 80 20-mL vials or 42 50-mL vials can be held.
Note: Requires a separate ASX connection kit for ICPMS.

Online Internal Standard Kit

Online Internal Standard Kit

This kit is used for in-line mixing of sample and internal standard solution and introducing the mixture into the nebulizer.

HFS-6 Hydrofluoric Acid Sample Injection System

This system is used to directly introduce samples that contain hydrofluoric acid. Fluoropolymer materials are used in the nebulizer, chamber, and drain system, whereas alumina is used in the injector unit on the torch.

Organic Solvent Injection System

For analysis of organic solvents, a gas mixture of 70% argon and 30% oxygen is introduced into the torch to prevent precipitation of carbon (C) from organic solvents. This system includes a gas controller for mixed gases, a quadruple torch for organic solvents, and pump tubing for organic solvents (for ethanol/methanol/IPA).

Cyclone Chamber, Quartz

This chamber is used to analyze trace boron, which is challenging to analyze using a standard borosilicate glass chamber.

Standard Torch Kit

This kit includes a torch with a 1.8 mm injector bore diameter that supports a 1.6 kW high-frequency output as well as a compatible shield screen, bonnet, and adapter.

3rd Gas Introduction Unit

This gas controller unit is for using a 10 % ammonia and 90 % helium gas mixture as the reaction gas in an ICPMS-2050 system.

Water Bubbler

This is used to humidify argon gas and prevent clogging of the torch and nebulizer when analyzing high TDS samples.

LC Connection Kit

This connection kit is required for configuring an LC-ICP-MS system that combines an ICPMS-2040/2050 Series system with a Nexera inert series or Prominence inert analysis system. For information about compatible LC systems, contact Shimadzu.

LabSolutions ICPMS TRM

This software is for controlling Shimadzu LC and ICPMS-2040/2050 Series systems and analyzing chromatography data.