MAP-100 - Features

Microplastic automatic preparation device

Operation of the Automatic Preparation Device

Operation of the Automatic Preparation Device


The sample collected from the environmental surface water is placed inside the reaction vessel in the automatic preparation device. The control software is used to configure the conditions for each preparation step via digestion, separation, and overflow. When the preparation process is started, the microplastics are automatically collected through the processes of (1) Digestion, (2) Separation and (3) Filtration as shown below.

Automated preparation steps

[1] Digestion process Digestion of organic compounds via an hydrogen peroxide solution.

[2] Separation process Density separation via an sodium iodide solution.

[3] Filtration process The supernatant fluid discharged by the overflow is filtered out by the collection filter.

Sample injection

Simple Control Software

The operator configures the conditions for the automated preparation process in the simple software window.
The progress during preparation is displayed in a monitoring window, and the estimated completion time can be checked in the status area. This user-friendly control software simplifies the preparation process.

Simple Control Software
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