ChromSquare - Specs

ChromSquare GC×GC Software for Comprehensive Chromatography Data Analysis

ChromSquare Key Specifications (GCxGC)

Main interfaces Schedule, Chromatogram, and Method panels
Importable data files GCsolution data files (.GCD), GCMSsolution MS data files(.QGD), AIA/ANDI data files (.CDF), etc.
Main data display modes 2D map, TIC chromatogram, mass spectrum, and detected blob table
Main data analysis modes Automatic spot detection (retention time and spot intensity calculation), calibration curve preparation, quantitation, and report preparation Statistical tool to compare multiple deta sets and export functions
Mass spectra search function Uses Shimadzu GCMSsolution search engine.
Registers results in detected spot table. All libraries supported by GCMSsolution, such as NIST libraries can be used.
Similarity search function using retention indices.

Computer Requirements for ChromSquare

Operating system Windows 7® Professional SP1
RAM 2 GB or more
Graphics device OpenGL
Other requirements Java Runtime Environment 1.7.18 or laterMust have GCMSsolution Ver 4.10 or later installed.
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