Compound Composer Database Software - Features

GCMS-QP2010 Series Workstation Optional Software


  1. For confirming the presence or the amount of both restricted and unrestricted hazardous chemicals
  2. For grasping the approximate quantitation values of substances when difficult to obtain standard samples
  3. For quick and easy identification and quantitation of chemical substances in accidents and incidents
  4. For easy creation of quantitation tables for quantitative analysis


The Compound Composer extracts the target masses, mass spectra, calibration curves and other information required for quantitation of components of interest, and genertes a GCMSsolution method. It also predicts the retention times of target components using the n-alkane retention time information in the database together with the n-alkane measurement data acquired under the instrumental conditions in use, thereby enabling their identification and quantitation using GCMSsolution even without specifying other conditions. In addition, data on substances for verifying the instrument performance is also registered in the database. Please refer the Analysis Flow Chart using the Compound Composer Database Software for simultaneous analysis.


Applicable instrument
GCMS-QP Series with GCMSsolution Ver.2.6 or later, GCMS-TQ Series with GCMSsolution Ver.4.0 or later, GCMS-QP2020 NX/TQ8040 NX/TQ 8050 NX with GCMSsolution Ver.4.5 or later

Operation environment
Microsoft® Windows® 10 / 7 / Vista / XP Professional / 2000 Professional SP3 or greater
(If the OS is earlier than Windows® 2000 SP3, please update the OS beforehand.)

Product content
Database for Simultaneous Analysis (942 environmental-related compounds), Compound Composer
(When using this database system, n-alkane, internal standard solutions and instrument performance evaluation substances must be obtained separately.)

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