Polymer Additives Library - Features

GC/MS Mass Spectra Library

Contains Approximately 4,900 Mass Spectra

In addition to the existing library*, which contains 4,804 mass spectra for 494 types of polymer material additives and GC/MS pyrolysates from the pyrolysis GC/MS analysis of additives, a library has been added containing the mass spectra for 65 compounds often targeted for analysis, selected based on their usage in the commercial market, and chemical substance regulatory information. In total, this product contains 4,869 mass spectra, which provides strong support for the analysis of polymer additives.

* ADD-MS16B F-Search Additives Library from Frontier Laboratories

Ready-to-Use Methods

This library provides GCMS and PY methods; both contain all necessary conditions and measurement parameters. Anyone can easily start analysis with optimal analysis conditions.

Includes Retention Indices and Classification Information of Additives

Retention indices are registered for all compounds. Compounds can be identified with a high degree of accuracy by reducing the library search results using retention indices. In addition, information on the classification of additives is included, so even without detailed knowledge of additives, users can see which additive is associated with a compound found in the library.

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