On-Column Derivatization GC-MS System - Features

The sample to be analyzed is automatically derivatized using the following procedure.

The combined system with the newly-developed AOC-20i/s 2-step auto injector and GCMS-QP2020 Series can offer automatic derivatization of amine stimulants.

  1. The MBTFA (N-Methylbis-trifluoroacetamide) derivatizating agent and sample solution to be analyzed are taken up into the syringe.
  2. The sample is injected, vaporized in the injection port and introduced onto the head of the capillary column.
  3. After the components to be analyzed are introduced into the capillary column, the MBTFA derivatizating agent is injected.
  4. The components to be analyzed are derivatized in the capillary column, and the derivatives undergo GC/MS analysis.

Application Example:Analysis of Urine Sample by On-Column Derivatization GC-MS

This method enables researchers to analyze multi-analyte samples within short analysis cycle.

The test sample was obtained by treating a urine sample as shown in the figure below. TFA derivatives of methamphetamine (MA) and its metabolite amphetamine (AP) were detected from urine sample #1. With urine sample #2, MDMA and TFA derivatives of its metabolites MDA and HMMA, as well as TFA derivatives of trace amounts of methamphetamine and amphetamine, were detected. By using this technique, the process of derivatization has been simplified and analysis efficiency improved; moreover, amphetamine and methamphetamine and its analog components can be detected at very high sensitivity.

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