Py-GCMS - Features

GC and GC-MS Application System

Features of the Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer EGA/PY-3030D

  • Rapid heating (600 °C/min) and cooling (100 °C/min)
  • High temperature pyrolysis up to 1050 °C
  • Superior performance due to exact temperature control, inert sample pathway, no dead volumes, no cold spots
  • Dedicated samplers for sample introduction e.g. Micro Reaction Sampler, UV Sampler
  • Special F-Search SW and various libraries (Additive-, Pyrogram-, Pyrolyzate-, EGA-Library)
  • Valuable accessories:
    Auto-Shot sampler (capacity: 48 sample cups)
    Cryo Trap (Micro Jet Cryo Trap), Vent-free GCMS adaptor
    Carrier Gas Selector (for pyrolysis under air atmosphere)
    High temperature capillary columns (Ultra Alloy)
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