Py-Screener - Features

Screening System for Phthalate Esters

Easy to Operate Even for Novices

Organics Solvents Are Not Required for Sample Preparation.

Analytical standards and test samples can be prepared without using organic solvents. To prepare a sample, just use the cutter to remove a portion from the test material, place it in the sample cup, and weigh it. Sample preparation videos provide support so that even novices can easily prepare samples.

Sample Preparation Video
The sample preparation videos can be viewed on the smart devices by accessing here. The user name and password attached to the product is necessary to access this link. (Sample Preparation Videos)

All Required Items Are Available

The standards of phthalate esters for sensitivity confirmation, quantitation, and blank tests can be prepared simply by punching out a portion of a standard material using the micro puncher. A toolkit used for preparing samples has been created with Frontier Laboratories Ltd.

Standards Containing Phthalate Esters for Py-GC/MS

Sampling Toolkit

Easy to Operate Using Special Software

Using customized software, operations are easy, even for novices. To automatically start continuous analyses, just place the prepared standards and test samples in the autosampler, and enter the number of samples, the sample names, and their weights. Phthalate ester inspections compliant with the IEC62321-8 international analysis standard, the industry standard for RoHS inspections, can be performed easily by anyone. Shimadzu offers both a simultaneous inspection method for phthalate esters and brominated flame retardants, which supports inspections for a wide range of regulated compounds, and a special high-speed inspection method for phthalate esters, which significantly reduces the inspection time.

Tabular Display of Concentrations and Criteria Clarifies the Results

The concentrations of target components detected in continuous measurements are displayed in a table and color-coded using criteria based on concentration ranges. The results for continuously measured test samples can be checked at a glance. Also, the system is equipped with accuracy control functions in order to ensure the reliability of blank concentrations, instrument sensitivity, and other data, so even novices can feel confident that they are reporting reliable measurement results.


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