Element Selective Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer


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Biomass energy, chemical recycling, and other new technologies are being researched and developed around the world in an effort to achieve a carbon-neutral society. However, there is concern that, unlike conventional fossil fuels, new raw materials generated from such R&D efforts may contain hydrocarbon mixtures that could have a detrimental effect on product quality or production processes. Of the hydrocarbons involved, it can be particularly difficult to detect heterocyclic compounds selectively with high sensitivity. Shimadzu’s unique ELEM-SPOT system is the world’s first Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) with an element-selective combustion unit (EL-30) included for selectively analyzing nitrogen-containing compounds or oxygenated compounds in complex hydrocarbon compounds with high sensitivity.

Principle of Detecting Oxygenated Compounds

  • Oxidative dissociation
  • If now-common CxHyNzOw hydrocarbons are directly detected by FID or GC-MS after column separation, then they are detected based on a single peak. If that peak is detected by GC-MS after column separation and oxidative dissociation, and further analyzed by m/z, then MS chromatograms are obtained for each product of oxidative dissociation. Since the dissociation products are unique for each element contained in the compound, a unique chromatogram is obtained for each specific hetero-element contained in the compound.

In the analysis of oxygenated compounds, oxidative decomposition is performed using isotopic oxygen (18O2) in the carrier gas, and screening is conducted to separate oxygen-containing compounds from other components.
Dedicated data analysis tools are employed to accurately identify oxygen-containing compounds.


  • 18O2 (Isotopic) Oxidation Gas

    18O2 (Isotopic) Oxidation Gas
  • 16O2 Oxidation Gas

    16O2 Oxidation Gas
Principle of Detecting Oxygenated Compounds

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