Method Optimization System Triple Capillary Column GC - Configuration

Sample Configuration of a Method Optimization System (Triple Capillary Column GC)

This system incorporates three FIDs. (It does not include the analytical columns.)

Product Name Q'ty
Nexis GC-2030 / Gas Chromatograph 1
AOC-20i Autosampler 1
AOC-20s Autosampler 1
FID-2030 Flame Ionization Detector (additional FID) 2
INJ three-way branch unit*1 1
Glass insert for split analysis*2 1
Inert glass wool*2 1


The INJ three-way branch unit comprises one capillary three-way adaptor, one multiple-column hanger, and three INJ nuts. A capillary 2-way adaptor and an INJ 2-way branch unit are also available for dual capillary column systems, where two columns are connected.


One glass insert for split analysis and 2 g inert glass wool are supplied as standard with the Nexis GC-2030.

Precautions During Use

  • It may not be possible to mount three columns inside the oven, depending on the column gauge size.
  • If three different sized (bore, length, etc.) columns are selected, the carrier gas flow rate and sample branching ratio will differ for each column. Therefore, selecting three columns of the same size is recommended.
  • Use a glass insert for split analysis.