DPiMS™ QT - Specs

Kit for Direct Probe Ionization Mass Spectrometer


DPiMS QT controller

Control of the DPiMS QT unit (Installed in the mass spectrometer)

DPiMS QT unit

Probe Voltage: ±5 kV max. (set voltage)
Probe Stroke: 46.30 mm max.
Number of Extraction Cycles: 300 max.
Probe Speed: 300 mm/sec max.
Probe Acceleration: 1 G max.
Probe Stop Time: 60,000 msec max.
Probe drive cycle: 0.75 to 3 Hz


PESI MS Solution LabSolutions

Used to select analytical conditions and start analysis
Used to specify MS analysis method settings and analyze data

(Probe Control Software)

Used to specify probe control method settings



Probe (set of 10 or 50 pcs.)


Plates available for both liquid and biological samples (set of 100 pcs. each)

Installation requirements*

Room temperature

18 to 28 °C


20 to 70 % (No-condensing and no-discharge due to static electricity)


Should be installed in an environment without dust, oscillation, electromagnetic noise, corrosive gas and electromagnetic interference.

*Equivalent to the installation requirement of mass spectrometer.

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