High Resolution Accurate Mass Library for Forensic Toxicology

Perform forensic toxicology screening for drugs of abuse, psychotropic drugs, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and natural toxins using this high-resolution accurate mass database.

MS/MS Spectra for over 900 Toxicological Substances

High resolution accurate mass library


The High Resolution Accurate Mass (HRAM) Library includes two MS/MS spectral libraries. Each library is built using two different separation conditions and is suitable for targeted or non-targeted screening of drugs of abuse, psychotropic drugs, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other compounds of toxicological interest.

Library Contents


Library 1 includes 81 MS/MS spectra and ODS method retention times for various illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals commonly of interest to forensic laboratories. Library 2 includes MS/MS spectra for 901potentially toxic substances of interest to forensic analysis and clinical research. Retention times and method conditions are based on a Biphenyl column.

Example of Library Entry


Simple Data Analysis Using LabSolutions Insight Explore™

Data acquired with a Shimadzu Q-TOF system can be analyzed easily using LabSolutions Insight Explore software. Library searching and compound identification can be performed in just three steps. Search results are displayed in a format that is visually easy to understand.

Procedure for Compound Identification by Searching the Library

Procedure for Compound Identification by Searching Library
Example of Search Result Window

Remarks and Precautions

  • LabSolutions LCMS Ver. 5.113 or later and LabSolutions Insight™ Ver. 3.8SP4 or later are required.
  • This library is intended for research use only. It may not be used for clinical diagnostic applications.


LabSolutions, LabSolutions Insight Explore and LabSolutions Insight are trademarks of Shimadzu Corporation or its affiliated companies in Japan and/or other countries.

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