Capable of Simultaneous Analysis of 10 Catechins Including Methylated Catechin

Ten Compounds


Catechin is one of the types of polyphenols and is classified as flavanols in the flavonoid family. This kit enables the simultaneous analysis of 10 catechin components and caffeine within 30 minutes. In addition to methylated catechin, which anti-allergy properties have been studied, other major catechin components in green tea leave can be well determined.


Chromatogram for a 10-Catechin Standard Sample

Chromatograms of Catechin Standards and Caffeine

Validated & Ready-to-Use: Supports All Processes of Preparation, LC Assay, and Automatic Report Output

This kit consists of the analytical column and the CD-ROM containing all needed electric files of LC method file, report format, and instruction manual describing the whole procedure from sample preparation (*). This package helps starting the assay for catechin regardless of the user’s experiences.
(*) Developed and validated by NARO and Shimadzu.


  • Yabukita
  • Benifuki


Automatic Report Output

This kit includes the dedicated report format to automatically calculate the amount of catechin in tea leaves (g/100g), helping not only to check the result right after the analysis but also reducing the risk of wrong calculations.

Catechine Analysis Report


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