Shim-pack Arata LC Columns - Features

HPLC Column

Unmatched Peak Shape Elegantly Designed for A Wide Range of Compounds

Unmatched peak shape of basic compounds could be achieved while maintaining good peak shape for acidic compounds with Shim-pack Arata LC columns. Even with low ionic strength acidic mobile phase, such as 0.1% formic acid containing mobile phase, excellent peak shape of both amitriptyline (a basic compound) and benzoic acid (an acidic compound) could be achieved.


Excellent Separation Performance for Peptides Even with Weak Ion Paring Acids

In order to obtain good peak shape of peptides under reversed phase chromatography, TFA containing mobile phases are frequently used which the ion pairing effect is relatively strong. However, TFA could cause ion suppression in LC/MS (/MS) analysis. Excellent peak shape and separation performance for peptides could be achieved on the Shim-pack Arata LC column even with 0.1 % formic acid (weak ion paring acid) containing mobile phase.

Column Asymmetry
Shim-pack Arata C18 1.26
Typical ODS column 6.94


*Peptide is usually analyzed using gradient condition. Isocratic condition was used for this application in order to show the difference of LC columns more clearly. Result using gradient condition on Shim-pack Arata C18 was also evaluated and it was confirmed that angiotensin was fully eluted from the column with isocratic condition.

**Acetonitrile concentration was adjusted in order that the retention time of peptide on each column become similar.

Rapid Equilibration Even with Low Ionic Strength Acidic Mobile Phases

When analyzing basic compounds on a typical ODS column with low ionic strength acidic mobile phase, peak shape and long equilibration times are common problems. Shim-pack Arata LC columns can be rapidly equilibrated in low ionic strength acidic mobile phases yielding excellent peak shape and stable retention times.


Comparison of Column Equilibration in The Mobile Phase with 0.1% Formic Acid (Shim-pack Arata C18 vs. Typical ODS Column)

*Both were new columns (shipping solvent : acetonitrile) and equilibrated with mobile phase without any conditioning. Basic drugs were analyzed after a certain period of time of equilibration and RT and symmetry factor of the drugs were compared.

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