Faster monitoring of multiple organic acids


Chromatograms of home-fermented yogurt

Monitoring of organic acid content in home-fermented yogurt

Analysis of short-chain fatty acids with strong retention in under 10 minutes

The Shim-pack Fast-OA column can also be used to analyze short-chain fatty acids with strong retention, of interest in the study of intestinal flora, in less than 10 minutes.

Chromatogram of a standard mixture containing seven organic acids

■Analytical conditions
Column:Shim-pack Fast-OA
Mobile phase:5 mmol/L p-toluenesulfonic acid
pH buffer solution:5 mmol/L p-toluenesulfonic acid
                           20 mmol/L Bis- Tris 0.1 mmol/L EDTA
Flow rate:0.8 mL/min
Detection method:Conductivity detector (CDD-10AVP)

Selective detection of organic acids

Post-column pH-buffering conductivity detection of organic acids is highly selective

Culture mediums and food samples contain not only organic acids but also various impurities. With UV detection, the absorbance varies depending on the type of organic acid, so quantification may be difficult due to variations in sensitivity or the effects of impurities.
A detection method combining post-column pH buffering and conductivity detection allows you to carry out highly-selective quantitative analysis of organic acids without worrying about overlapping contaminant peaks.

Chromatogram of a liquid culture medium with organic acid additives
*Analysis conditions differ between the upper and lower graphs.


Shim-pack Fast-OA product lineup

Shim-pack Fast-OA is an ion-exclusion chromatography column. Up to three columns can be connected according to the target compounds*. A guard column, the Shim-pack Fast-OA (G), can be used in combination to protect the analysis column. The guard column is a cartridge-type, and the cartridge can be replaced.

Product name Size P/N Remarks
Shim-pack Fast-OA 100 mm x 7.8 mm I.D. 228-59942-41 Analytical column
Shim-pack Fast-OA (G) 10 mm x 4.0 mm I.D. 228-59942-42 Guard column
includes a column holder and a cartridge
Shim-pack Fast-OA (G)
Cartridge (4 pcs)
- 228-59942-43 Replacement cartridge for guard column

* For details about the piping, please refer to the technical report High-Speed Analysis of Organic Acids Using Shim-pack Fast-OA and pH-Buffered Electrical Conductivity Detection (C190-E237A)

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