Shim-pack Scepter LC Columns - Features

HPLC Column

Shim-pack Scepter Chemistries

Utilize excellent stability & performance under a wide range of LC conditions

With excellent stability under a wide range of LC conditions, Shim-pack Scepter LC columns are effective for method scouting combining mobile phase pH and organic modifier.

【 Comparison of Chromatograms using Gradient condition with Acetonitrile 】

  C18 HD-C18 C8 Phenyl PFPP
Outside of
recommended pH


1. Saccharin (pKa = 2.2)

2. Dextromethorphan (pKa = 8.3)

3. Amitriptyline (pKa = 9.4)

4. N-Butyl paraben (pKa = 8.3)

5. Ibupurofen (pKa = 4.4)

Metal-free column - Excellent peak shape and sensitivity for metal coordinating compounds -

Column body
  • The Shim-pack Scepter uses an organic silica hybrid packing material with extremely low impurity metal.
  • The metal coordinative adsorption is suppressed by deactivating the column parts in contact with the solution.


Shim-pack Scepter C18


[Nexera XS inert]
Column: Shim-pack Scepter C18-120[metal free] (100 mmx2.1 mm I.D., 3 μm)
Other vender’s C18 column(100mmx2.0 mm I.D., 3μm)
Mobile phase : Acetonitrile / 10 mmol/L ammonium formate solution = 0.5 : 99.5
Flow rate: 0.2 mL/min
Rinse sol. : mobile phase
Rinse mode: external only
Column temp. : 40 ºC
Inj. Vol. : 2.0 μL
Sample: Sample sol. : 100ppm of ATP and AMP in water
Sample temp. : 4 ºC
Vial type: TORASTTM-H Bio Vial P/N:370-04350-00
Detection: 254 nm (SPD-M40, UHPLC inert cell)

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