FlexiFocus™ - Support

Chemically modified sample slides to enhance your MALDI productivity

User Guide

See download link below


Demonstration video

See video on how to place/remove the FlexiFocus insert correctly into/from the FlexiFocus adaptor

Plate file for use during data acquisition

Information on how to import and use the plate files are in the User Guide (see link in section above)
Links to download the plate files are below:

Plate files for MALDI-80X0 benchtop series



Re-ordering information

To re-order new kits or additional components contained within this kit, please contact your local Shimadzu Sales/Service centre and quote the part numbers listed in the table below. Product brochure material are also available.

Part Description Comment
224-38626-58 FlexiFocus-48 well Starter Kit containing adaptor and 20 inserts *1
224-38623-58 FlexiFocus-96 well Starter Kit containing adaptor and 20 inserts *1
224-39906-58 FlexiFocus-48 well insert, pack of 10 *2
224-39907-58 FlexiFocus-96 well insert, pack of 10 *2
224-39909-58 FlexiFocus Adaptor, x1 *2
224-41045-58 USB handheld 2D barcode scanner *3

*1, Starter kit
*2, Refill item/ consumable/ spare item
*3, For use with SampleStation and AuraSolution software


FlexiFocus, are trademarks of Kratos Analytical Ltd.


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