MALDI EasyCare - Specs

Upgrade for the MALDI-8000 series

  • Full EasyCare functionality

    Full EasyCare functionality


  • Upgradable to EasyCare with license activation

    Upgradable to EasyCare with license activation


See performance specs on the brochure. N.B.

The specifications are the same for all 4 instruments MALDI-8020 EasyCare, MALDI-8030 EasyCare and MALDI-8020 and MALDI-8030

Mass range
Mass resolution
m/z 1 - 500,000
>5000 FWHM – ACTH 18-39 (m/z 2465)
Accuracy <20 ppm with internal calibration
<150 ppm with external calibration†
Sensitivity 250 fmol – bovine serum albumin (loaded)
250 amol – Glu-1-Fibrinopeptide B (loaded)
Size (w x d x h)
Incl. stabiliser
450 mm x 745 mm x 1055 mm [17.7” x 29.5” x 41.5”]
600 mm x 745 mm x 1055 mm [23.6” x 29.5” x 41.5”]
Weight 92 kg

† Nearest neighbour external calibration on FlexiMass-SR48 target, within 30 minutes
All performance data are acquired using standard test samples on a FlexiMass-SR48 stainless steel target.

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