LabSolutions™ AG - Features

Software for Autograph Precision Universal Testing Machines

Supports Improved Data Reliability in Materials Industries


Both LabSolutions CS, with its network system structure, and LabSolutions DB, with its stand-alone structure, are available.

LabSolutions DB supports improved data reliability through database mediated data management, user management, and management of change logs of a stand-alone system on a single PC.
LabSolutions CS enables server-based integrated management of Autograph test data files together with data files from analysis instruments connected to the system.
Test results and sampling data are saved together with operational logs and conditions change logs.
Managers can check the logs and add their electronic signatures to the saved data.
The popular TRAPEZIUMX-V is used as the Autograph control software, so most operations are all familiar to the operator, which enables highly reliable materials testing data.


Compatible Autograph Models and Software

Single Software/Control Software
  • Compatible with the AGX-V, AG-X, AGS-X, and EZ-X
  • Compatible with single software and control software

Note: Not compatible with cycle software.
Note: Some of the functionality is limited in comparison with the regular TRAPEZIUMX-V. For details, refer to the specifications.


Software Comparison

Name Standard TRAPEZIUMX-V
LabSolutions DB AG
Stand-Alone System
LabSolutions CS AG
Network System
Data Management Method The data is saved in a local folder on the PC and managed. The data is saved in the LabSolutions database and managed.
Data Reference The files in the local folder on the PC The files in the database
LabSolutions Database Not available Available (The database is on a local PC.) Available (The database is on the server.)
User Management The functions in TRAPEZIUMX-V can be used. The functions in LabSolutions can be used.
Management of Authority Groups The functions in TRAPEZIUMX-V can be used. The functions in LabSolutions can be used.
Project Management Not available Capable of project management
Stand-alone/Network Available as stand-alone only Available as stand-alone only Available as network only
Data Backup This is performed using Windows® Explorer on a file by file basis. This is performed for each project.

Note: The standard TRAPEZIUMX-V software is the le management edition. It is not compatible with FDA 21 CFR Part II.


LabSolutions and AGX are trademarks of Shimadzu Corporation.
Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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