4830 Controller - Specs

Servo Controller for Fatigue and Endurance System

Servo Controller 4830

Display unit

5.7-inch color LCD

Control method

Full digital two-degree-of-freedom PID

Control signal input

Test force (TD1), stroke (TD2), and external input (AUX)
Note: Up to two amplifiers can be added as an option.

External input/output

Analog Output: 4 channels (±10 V), Input: 1 channel (±10 V)
For monitoring or waveform input
Digital Output: 8 channels Input: 8 channels

Other functions

Calculation function (such as adding, subtracting, averaging, and stress/strain), push testing function, consumable consumption time management function

Communications functions

USB interface

Limit functions

Measurement value 4-point limiter, cycle counter, external input

Control functions

Amplitude, average gain correction (AGC), PID autotuning, sample anti-overloading function (contact load), user-specified phase differential control by synchronized operation, waveform distortion correction*1(transfer function correction)


W350 × D420 × H148 mm

Control panel

Touch panel, function keys, jog dial, numeric keypad, test operation keys, power unit operation keys

Measurement functions

1 range (rangeless) 24-bit
Max. 40 kHz sampling with 4 acquisition channels
Linear correction (linearization) function

Waveform display functions

Time, X-Y, and peak waveforms

Test parameter registration

Max. 9 parameters

Slow settings

Slow start/stop

Test frequency

0.00001 to 1000 Hz

Test waveforms

Sine, triangular, rectangular, haversine, haver-triangular, trapezoidal, ramp, 1/2 haversine, step, sweep, and random waves, external input, programmed waves (optional*1), file waves optional*1)

Power Requirements

Single-phase AC 100 to 230 V*2 50/60 Hz 300 VA

*1 Only during software use
*2 The standard power cord included with the system is only for AC 100 V.

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4830 Controller

Test waveforms

Sine, triangular, rectangular, etc.


Test force, stroke

Control mode

Test force, stroke, virtual transducer

Power Requirements

Single-phase 100 V, 300 VA

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