EHF-U Series - Features

Servopulser Overhead Actuator Type Fatigue and Endurance Testing Machine

EHF-U Series Features

  • The spacious testing space accommodates large specimens and allows the attachment of various test jigs and environment control devices.
  • The highly rigid frame prevents buckling of specimens and saves losses in hydraulic energy due to frame deformation.
  • The one-touch crosshead hydraulic drive mechanism allowed the crosshead to be raised or lowered and clamp operation to be performed easily by a single handle.

For Full-Scale Fatigue and Endurance Testing of Structural Materials and Large Samples

By providing a T-slot surface plate at the bottom of a U-type loading frame with a top-mounted actuator, these systems allow installation of extra large components and parts. Due to the large testing space, dynamic testing and evaluation can be performed on a variety of samples, including full-size samples and structural members.

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