Compression Test Jig for Foam Rubber Specimens - Specs

Foam Hardness Measurement
The following shows the test control and data processing for obtaining foam hardness.
<Control pattern>

<Data processing>

  • Hardness of specimen (specimen thickness at initial test force value)
  • Hardness at 25 %, 40 % and 65 % of specimen thickness is obtained.

Compression Deflection
The following shows measurement of the compression deflection coefficient and hysteresis loss ratio of foam.
<Control pattern>

<Data processing>

  • Compression deflection coefficient (S65/S25)
  • Hysteresis loss (area enclosed by reciprocation/area of forward feed × 100)

Compression Test Jig for Foam Rubber Specimens

Max. test force

1 kN

Plate dia. (mm)

200 mm dia.

Specimen support plate (mm)

400 × 400

Specimen support plate air holes (mm)

Dia. 6.5, center distance 20

Operational temp. range

0 to +40 °C

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