Select Software Modules Depending on Application

TRAPEZIUMX offers following software modules.

For Autograph:

single, cycle, control, and texture

For UH-X Series:

single, cycle, control, concrete, and recorder

These can be purchased in combinations as needed for customer testing requirements. If more than one is purchased, one-touch switching between modules avoids having to launch each program separately.

Single Software

This software is used to perform typical single-direction tests. It enables performing tensile, compression, and bending testing.

Cycle Software

This software enables performing endurance testing and other tests that involve repeated application of test forces.

Control Software

This software enables freely creating a user-specified testing machine movement routine. It allows configuring complicated combinations of tensile, compression, and holding steps.

Concrete Software (for UH-X/FX Series only)

The software is used for testing concrete (compression, bending, and cleavage testing). It enables performing tests compliant with JIS A1108, JIS A1106, and JIS A1113 standards.

Recorder Software (for UH-X/FX Series only)

Tests are controlled using a UH-X measuring controller and this software is used to acquire data, display graphs, and process data. This software is used in cases such as when using the load control knobs on the measuring controller to manually perform tests.

Texture software (for Autograph only)

Measures the features (texture) of foods and pharmaceuticals. Produce special data processing results, including mastication, jelly strength and adhesion.

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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